There are Only Three Fights.

1. You versus You.
2. You versus the Bad Guy.
3. You versus the System.

You Need to Win
All Three Fights.

In a Fight, it's not who's right that matters, it's who's left.

The harsh reality is that your personal safety, your ability to detect, defuse or defend yourself, rests on your shoulders. The standardized martial art and DT programs taught to most people just don't have the depth needed to handle the real-world violent confrontations of today.

Did that piss you off? It shouldn't. This isn't a biased opinion. This is merely a fact & the evidence is every bodycam or CCTV of real violence. Don't be pissed off at me, be pissed off at the bad guys!

Your safety, like your fitness, is up to you. You either want to win your next fight or you don't. Our system will make you safer, sooner.

  • All fights are dangerous, but the ambush is the most dangerous.
  • If you don't weather the ambush, you won't get to your DT or combatives toolbox.
  • Your body already knows how to fight. There is a behaviorally-based personal defense system hiding inside every single person. We are all 'human weapon systems'.
  • By integrating, simple, safe, natural bio-mechanics you will possess a defensive tactics system based on how you [a human] moves and reacts to danger. Simple. Non-perishable. Effective.

A Message From The Founder

"There are two types of confrontations you must be ready for. There's the typical 'resisting arrest' scenario. This is handled by most 'control & arrest systems'. But there's another confrontation that most don't consider, and that's a sudden, violent ambush. This fight is very different. It's responsible for almost all the serious injuries [and worse] to police officers and protectors around the world. This type of sudden violence triggers primal reactions and requires a different type of preparation and training. Are you prepared for that attack?
I can help you see fights differently, prepare differently, you'll be safer sooner by using a system that is already hard-wired inside you."

Tony Blauer
Founder, SPEAR System

"I have studied the efficacy of use of force tactics and techniques for well over a decade..."

"Tony Blauer's SPEAR System® is the new paradigm of combatives training. As a law enforcement officer, use of force trainer, and academician, I have studied the efficacy of use of force tactics and techniques for well over a decade and have concluded that the SPEAR System® is the most comprehensive combatives program currently available. The system has also become the genesis and springboard of my professional research and training. The reason is simple: the SPEAR System® is 'totality in training'. I will never again train or live without its principles."

- Brian Kinnaird, Ph.D. Forceology Research Group

"Until You Are Psychologically In Control Of Yourself
And Physically Dominating Your Opponent…
Complex Motor Skills Do Not Work Very Well.”
-Coach Tony Blauer

During a sudden attack, the human physiological system produces a ‘flinch’ that recoils the body from the attack. This physiological ‘flinch’, or reflex, overrides complex motor skill patterns (i.e. learned DT tactics), which explains why most individuals fail to access their trained combative skills during sudden intense & extreme close-quarter confrontations.

Over the last 20 years, the SPEAR System® has been integrated by law enforcement & military professionals around the world. It is street and battle-proven and has been validated by professionals in the medical community on three separate continents. BTS’ POI's have been integrated into law enforcement training at local, state, and federal levels around the world as well.

"With the current climate and attitudes towards law enforcement and the use of force, training in this area for all officers has returned to the forefront. No program I have seen bridges the gap between the safety of officers and the protection of the public as well as the SPEAR System by Blauer Tactical. With the emphasis placed on the dynamics of actual violence and the recognition of pre-contact cues, officers are able to detect, defuse, or if necessary to defend themselves in many violent situations much earlier in the encounter. Officers trained in the system are not only able to protect themselves but are able to articulate and explain both the suspect's actions and their own.

By building on behavioral system and physiology, the SPEAR System provides an effective program to protect the officers in a comparatively minimal training investment. Adoption of the program has been shown in multiple areas to lower injuries to both officers and suspects in those cases where use of force was unavoidable."

James Pierson
Chief of Police Henderson Police Department
Texas Police Association Regional Training Coordinator

Medical + Scientific

"The SPEAR System utilizes instinctive motion to effect a combative change in both participants. Its effectiveness is grounded in basic physiology and, as a result, although initially apparently simple it is fundamentally as complex as the system it is designed to protect, humans."

-Evaluation By Dr. Robert Smith (USA)

"The startle-flinch fear response in evolutionary perspective motivates self-protecting behaviors. The potency of the fear response dominates all functional systems. It tends to eliminate all parts of the perceptual fields that don't serve the fight or flight response; it generates cognitive bias and reduces working memory. If we want fear response to have an adaptive effect we need to have appropriate connection lines among emotions, cognition, and action system. This is well covered in Mr. Blauer's system of self-defense.”

-Evaluation by Dr. Eric Levasseuar (Canada)

"The role of the startle response in self defence during sudden ambush: The flinch response is a well recognised reflex response in which the threatened subject adopts an automatic protective posture. The SPEAR System promotes recognition of the flinch response to sudden potentially threatening stimuli and advocates a system of self defence which commences from the postural position the response produces. As the resultant posture from the startle response is one we cannot choose, it makes sense that techniques of defence in sudden ambush start from this position"

Medical Review - Dr Anthony Bleetman (United Kingdom)


SPEAR has the lowest injury rate in the world. Integrating natural movement that scientifically use our primal and gross motor skills reduces injuries in training as well as in actual confrontations.

*An independent study was conducted in the United Kingdom by Dorset Police and the statistics revealed a drastic drop in injuries. We will send you this report.

Reptilian Brain to Neo-Cortex

SPEAR integrates neuro-science. When taught properly, the SPEAR System creates a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain and speeds up this transition time during a confrontation.

In Your Fight You're Point.

In a real fight, its not who's right, its who's left that matters. Otherwise, the bad guys would always lose!

Are you learning everything you can to make yourself safer?

Economy of Movement + Economy of Integration

Because SPEAR is based on instinctive movement it is the fastest system to learn, it is also the least perishable. This is incredibly important for communities that have time and budget restrictions.

The most dangerous moment in your confrontation is sudden violence inside the reactionary gap.

HYPOTHESIS The natural human response mechanism to a physical threat revolves around the fight or flight principle. The working hypothesis for Blauer’s clients (law enforcement & military professionals) is that 'flight' is not an option. Therefore, the instinct of flight must be overcome so that the individual engages tactically in the shortest time possible. Our DT, combatives, and scenario R&D team has developed human performance technologies to reduce startle‐flinch conversion time.

RATIONALE An individual who is confronted by a physical threat will have an autonomic response or startle‐flinch that is part of the unconscious physiological 'self‐defense' mechanism [medical data that shows how the neocortex, limbic system, and reptilian brain can run conflicting messages during real combat stress]. This occurs even before the cognitive identification process, which allows a victim to process the available information and make a conscious decision that results in the fight or flight response.

"Extensor strength is engaged to disengage from noxious stimuli via the cross extensor spinal level reflex and flexor reflex which is also at the spinal level. These are engaged at different rates depending on the mode of stimuli but they are uniform across the human species regardless of age and training."

*Gilman, S and Winans, S. Manter and Gatz's Essentials of Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology 8th edition pages 42.

Safer, Sooner.

Instinctive self-defense predates all martial arts.

Everyone is always looking for the holy grail of self-defense. The "which 'style' is best" question, or "what has the secret move?" debate has been going on for years. We asked the question: how did people fight before martial arts were invented? How did cavemen fight?

The crossed-extensor reflex is part of the human survival response.

This is the movement that makes the SPEAR so effective. It fully integrates human physiology making the SPEAR (conversion of the startle-flinch) the fastest and strongest movement any human can perform (regardless of age, training, or gender).

SPEAR is entirely based on the survival system that helped our ancestors evolve - it truly is the evolution of Paleolithic Self-Defense.

The SPEAR System isn’t a 'muscle-memory' system; therefore it will not interfere with current DT or combatives training.

• The SPEAR System utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle/flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter. When taught properly, it is a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain and speeds up the transition time in a confrontation, helping the defender move from primal, gross-motor to learned complex motor skills the officer or operator is skilled in.

"I have received countless memos in reference to incidents where the techniques were utilized with amazing results...."

"Since my certification several years ago, I have taught the principles of Blauer Tactical Systems to numerous members of my department, recruit classes, and other agencies in the area. I have received countless memos in reference to incidents where the techniques were utilized with amazing results. Most importantly, reports of officers being injured during a physical encounter dropped significantly. I believe this is due to two factors:

1 – The simplicity and the “engineering” of Blauer SPEAR allows a person to execute a technique seamlessly and effectively. In essence, you don’t have to go through twenty different moves just to get to the one that will work.

2 – BTS trains the student in “real life” and in “real time”. I’m not going to go into a long discussion about what I mean by this statement. Simply put……you’re not going to learn how to fight unless you are in an actual fight. High Gear, obviously, is a great tool for this.

Now, I could go on and on. I could talk about how great the system is or talk in length about Coach Blauer and his commitment to LEO/Military. There is no need to do it. It’s been said hundreds of times. Anyone that knows me is fully aware that I do not bury my nose up anyone’s ass in order to be in the “in crowd” or to be “one of the guys”. The bottom line is this….the BTS SPEAR System works."

Sergeant Michael Pizzolato
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
Officer Safety/Defensive Tactics Instructor Coordinator

We have a very simple mission

We want to make the world safer

While we'd love to teach every Good Samaritan, the reality is we need to make sure you, the Good-guys, the Protectors, have every advantage possible. 

"Reverse Engineering Your Safety Scientifically"

1. The SPEAR System is based on an 80,000-year-old genetic survival response that helped keep our ancestors alive. The reptilian brain wants you to survive. Its initial response is to protect the head and move you away from danger.

2. “Danger” is detected via the limbic system and triggers this survival response. At this level it bypasses cognition. The SPEAR System harnesses this energy, exploits the movement, and converts this instinctive response into a focused counter-measure. This movement is protective by nature and tactical by design.

3. What we've done with the SPEAR System research and methodology is combine the fastest human response (the flinch) with the strongest human position (crossed-extensor), and thus have created a nongender, nonsize, nontechnical methodology of personal defense.

4. We 'train the brain' by replicating realistic scenarios, this educates the anticipatory cells in the brain which improves both perception speed and reaction time. Suddenly, you’re safer faster because the neocortex can now predict and adjust more quickly as it identifies pre-contact cues stored from this intelligent simulation training (BMFs). We have essentially 'hacked' self-defense by integrating a DNA-level survival response with modern principles of metacognition.

By combining the old brain's most important function, to survive, with the new brain's intelligence, to think and decide, we have reawakened a non-perishable personal defense system that can make every human being safer.

Additional Resources:

"I want to double the training opportunities for all
police, military & first responders."
-Coach Tony Blauer

Your agency won't pay? Geography restricts you?
No problem. We've got your back.

The bad-guy really doesn't care.

Your safety starts with you. You are responsible for your safety. We're going to help you. There's no cost to receive our information. Get on our training database and we'll send you training tips and details about upcoming training events. If you can't get to a course, we'll train your brain remotely. Of course, the physical training is up to you.

I've put together a PDF manual with some of my most important tips and strategies, click the button below so you can download it ASAP and get started. Remember, in your fight, you're point!


About Coach Blauer

Tony Blauer is the founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc., one of the world’s leaders in the research and development of training and equipment for military and law enforcement communities. He’s best know for the development of the S.P.E.A.R. System, a personal defense and defensive tactics program entirely designed around human physiology and the High Gear scenario-training suit.

Since 1988, Blauer has had the honor of consulting for elite elements within the military, including the U.S. Marshals, Federal Air Marshal Service, Coast Guard, DOE, Secret Service, FLETC, and Border Patrol. Internationally, he has trained law enforcement and military professionals in Holland, Australia, Germany, France, and the U.K., where the SPEAR System is taught to every police officer through ACPO (now formally known as NPCC).

Blauer has also designed programs for the U.N. Security Services, Asymmetric Warfare Group, as well as elements within the DoD. Post 9/11, he also created the first pilot’s self-defense program for Federal Express. Blauer is a frequent guest at tactical training conferences and has spoken and taught for many organizations like ALPA, NTOA, IALEFI, ILEETA, PID, and many more.