Coach or athlete, novice or competitor, your fitness doesn't guarantee safety.

We actually spent 2 years designing a course for non-martial artists. 
We use familiar functional fitness movements that can double as simple strikes when needed.  

If you can do a push-up or a wallball you can also throw a palm strike!

Check out the video below for more examples.

This is a natural approach to learning the essentials of personal defense,
from situational awareness to verbal de-escalation to instinctive skills for how to get an attacker off you.

This isn't a martial art course. 

Read this letter from the founder, Coach Tony Blauer:

“How did people fight before martial arts were developed? 

That’s the question I asked myself for decades.
Humans were fighting long before martial arts were created. 

I've been studying violence for almost 4 decades and my focus has been violent encounters.

I was always mystified by two evidence-based observations: 

1. During real altercations, trained people rarely displayed their training, the technique went out the window.
 2. Untrained people experienced and survived real violence more frequently than trained people. 

What was the intersection?

There's a lot to consider, but I simplified this research to one idea:

Your body is a human weapon system. It's been domesticated.
It just needs to relearn some simple movements and reconnect its intuition to its survival reflex.

My philosophy is that we all know how to defend ourselves.

For some, the 'performance fear' is rooted in an idea that we need to study martial arts to be able to survive violence.

This is incorrect. In fact, this adds more doubt, hesitation, and fear.  As a community, we've confused the act of self-protection with the study of martial arts, combat sports, reality-based self-defense, etc. They are very different.

Self-defense can & should be taught like first-aid.

In a day.

You can learn CPR and first-aid in a day and you'll have the skills to save a life....but it doesn't make you a doctor. 
In the same way, you can learn the principles of 'personal safety' in a day...but you're not a Black Belt or a martial artist. 
(Please reflect on this metaphor). 

This course will teach you the simple principles of:
situational awareness
fear management
verbal de-escalation
primal gross motor movement

We've been teaching our personal safety courses around the world for decades -
 we are one of the most trusted self-defense training companies anywhere. 

We know our system works because it's built around you and how you move!
Our system was designed around physiology, physics and psychology.
The entire course is based on the survival skills used by those who fought before martial arts were developed." 

Stay safe,

Coach Tony Blauer
SPEAR System

Learn the Hidden Arsenal Inside Functional Fitness Movements

This program will make you safer sooner.

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What you will learn at a BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD course:

Mental Toughness, Self-Reliance, Situational Awareness...

Participants are taught close quarter skills and combines fun, dynamic, and effective drills that are extremely effective for anyone of any age who may have to defend themselves.

  • Improve awareness – learn how to detect and avoid danger.
  • Defuse and de-escalate – learn simple strategies to resolve common conflicts and position oneself in a morally and legally tactical position.
  • Manage fear and aggression – learn to identify and manage fear.
  • Learn how to “flip the switch” to generate aggression and intensity to protect oneself or a loved one.
  • Learn the world-renowned SPEAR System tools and tactics – learn physiology-based skills and drills for self-protection.

Why you should attend BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD:

Work-Capacity, Peace of Mind, and some extra PRs 

  • Anyone can attend this course. You don't need to be a martial artist, an athelte or a coach.  The principles  will make everyone tougher, safer, smarter. 
  • The most important weapon you possess is your mind - we will sharpen it.
  • There are 168 hours in a week. Most athlete’s only spend 5% of their week in the Box. That's about 8 hours. They spend 160 hours a week outside the Box. Learn to think and move “Outside the Box”. 
  • The BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD course develops awareness, mind-set, confidence and self-reliance.
  • The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is inarguably the single most important skill you hope you'll never need.
  • You will be safer and smarter after one day.

Can you really learn to defend yourself in a day?

Yes.  And here's why: 

This is NOT a martial art course. Martial arts and self-defense are different.  You will learn the difference at this course. 

  • The BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD program uses simple 'core to extremity' movements that share similar kinetic chains of self-defense strikes needed for personal defense. (E.g. if you can do a push up you can do a palm stirke.)
  • This results in a course designed to improve performance, as well as teach participants the essential tools for surviving a violent ambush.
  • Participants will leave with skills to put into practice immediately. 
  • Our self-defense course uses movements that are “elemental and fundamental to your survival” so that you truly are  “prepared of the unknown and the unknowable”.
  • We utilize the power, speed and intensity that functional fitness develops, and  teach participants how to strategically convert common movements into defensive and protective tactics. 
  • We are the world's leader in personal defense training. We've been teaching simple, smart and responsible self-defense for over three decades. We pioneered a self-defense method based on natural behavior and physiology.  Everyone can learn it, everyone can do it. We want to share this with you.